The Dear Diary is Here

I’ve always been a stationery lover. The most exciting thing about starting a new school year was stationery shopping. It was important to have the cutest notebooks, diaries, pencil cases and pens. It just felt that it would help me do better. Years later, not much has changed. I still buy pretty stationery, as it makes me feel more organised, inspires me, allows me to stay on top of things and helps to get in the work mode. A brand new diary at the beginning of the year always feels like a fresh start, like you have the control to create the year ahead on your own terms, hehe - can you relate? :) 


It feels unreal to say that we (the Dear Diary team) have finally created something of our own. We’re lucky to share the passion for hard work, providing value and finding ways to better ourselves. 

At the beginning of the year, we were all pretty much at the same stage in our lives - stuck in the daily agenda, repetition, feeling overwhelmed and not sure of the things we wanted to achieve. But we couldn’t really define what the problem was. 

We took time to explore well-being and the science behind self-development and happiness. After months of research, making notes and testing what works, we learnt the importance of having a structure, setting goals for yourself, tracking habits and reflecting on the process and the outcomes.

We combined all of these things in the diary in a way that feels structured rather than overwhelming. You can create a system of tracking and focusing on the things that matter to you. 


With the help of Dear Diary we want to encourage you to have balance between your professional and personal life and make time for self-care and reflection, so that you can lead the life you imagine for yourself. We've also included quotes and visuals that we love, and hope that these will keep you feeling inspired throughout the year.


The entire journey to get to this day has been like a roller coster. It’s been months of planning, discussing, making changes, adjusting, making important decisions, dealing with uncertainties and worries. A strong belief we all had in the final product kept us going. Very often we repeated to ourselves “feel the fear and do it anyways”.

We have already learnt so much and we’re so grateful for the journey so far. It has taught us about team work, commitment, dedication and the power of passion & belief. We also learnt that if you want to get something just right, you can't take the easiest way. One of our main goals was to be completely involved in the production process and meet the people who turned our idea into a beautiful, tangible product. This is the reason we chose to be different and print our diaries in Europe.  

Dear Diary was created with all our love, attention, and nothing but happy thoughts. We hope that in 2017 it will become your friend and inspire you to chase your dreams. 

Thank you so much for reading and being here! 

With much love, 


The Dear Diary team