Dear Diary 2018 OR Dear Diary Undated - Which One To Choose?

Since we launched our new Dear Diary for 2018, we have been receiving quite a few questions about the differences and similarities of our two Dear Diary versions - Dear Diary Undated and Dear Diary 2018. So we thought we would help you make a decision on which diary is more suitable for your needs, lifestyle & personality and write a blog post highlighting the differences and similarities. Without further ado, let's figure our which diary is a better match for your adventures in 2018. 

The biggest and most important similar quality these diaries share is their purpose - to help you stay inspired, track your progress, be organised, remind to invite balance in your life and focus on the things that matter to you. Both diaries are designed to be your companion whether you are working in an office or from home on creative projects. The differences are mainly based in the way you plan your day-to-day work & personal life, so let's have a closer look. 


DEAR DIARY 2018 comes in a hard cover textured leatherette, with an elastic band, 2 bookmark ribbons, pocket at the back, 100gsm Ivory FSC paper. It's an A5 size planner (148x210mm) and the approximate weight is 615 grams. It has 304 pages and it covers one year (January - December).

DEAR DIARY UNDATED comes in a textured linen hard cover with 1 bookmark ribbon, 90gsm Ivory FSC paper, A5 size (145x210mm) and the approximate weight is 480 grams. It has 200 pages and it's designed for a 16 week period (undated)

Dear Diary Undated on the left & Dear Diary 2018 on the right. 

Dear Diary Undated on the left & Dear Diary 2018 on the right. 


When it comes to layouts, both dairies have quite a different concept. This is a big factor when making your decision, as it really depends how you prefer planning your days and weeks. 

DD Undated on the left & DD 2018 on the right 

DD Undated on the left & DD 2018 on the right 

DEAR DIARY 2018 has a weekly layout where you can easily overview the whole week in one spread. 


You also have space for appointments, top priority for each day and a separate box for to-do's that you can tick off, which allows you to organise your day nicely. 

Saturday and Sunday doesn't have a to-do box, but there is still enough space to note down your weekend plans and we've also added a little box for your most important to-do's for the weekend. 

This layout is perfect for you if you prefer having a planner with a week at a glance, see what you have planned for the 7 days and note most important to do's and appointments for certain dates. 




Weekly planning page is a separate page before the weekly overview that allows you make notes of your most important tasks for a particular week as well as make a list of habits that you want to track. 

This way you can brainstorm about the week ahead and make notes of the tasks you want to complete, prioritising your 3 most important to-do's so you can start your week with a clear focus on where your attention should go. 




Weekly reflection at the end of the week reminds you to look back at the progress as well as highs and lows. Highlight happy moments & note the things you've learn and write down what you will do to make next week even better. 

This will help you start a new week with a clear mind, letting go of the things that didn't work out and getting excited about new things you will plan and accomplish. 



DEAR DIARY UNDATED has day-per-page layout that gives you lots of space for writing down and prioritising your to-do's. Since this diary has a strong focus on day-by-day management, we have also included a little separate space for writing down your daily affirmation, so that you can feel inspired as soon as you start your working day as well as a reminder to write down "Best thing about today" to end your day on a positive note. 



This daily structure offers you space for your 3 top priorities, important times, to-do's that you can tick off, quick 10 minute tasks and also a separate box for notes. Saturday and Sunday is split between a whole dotted page giving you space for making more creative notes (perhaps sketches?) and plans for the weekend.

This layout is perfect if you have lots of tasks each day and you prefer having enough space to prioritise your to-do's. 


The Undated Diary also has a separate weekly planning spread for writing down your main focus for each day and also plan overall weekly goals and habit tracking. 




Just like the DD2018, this version also has the weekly reflection for highlighting your happy moments & accomplishments, note down things that you would like to improve, review whether you did stick to your goals and habits and acknowledge the things that you didn't manage to complete that week. 





goals page
weekly planning
inspirational challenges
space for notes & ideas
weekly reflection
positive & uplifting quotes

Both diaries focus not only on planning your days but also reminds you to have a better relationship with yourself and to create a lifestyle that values balance between personal and professional areas of life, 


We really hope this helps you make a decision on which diary is a better match for you. Please feel free to let us know in the comments if you still have any questions or need help deciding. We'll be more than happy to share our recommendation. 

With Love, 

Zane & the Dear Diary team