February Favourites + Giveaway

Yes, I know. It's mid March and I'm talking about February. I was also thinking that it's too late to chat about the things we enjoyed & discovered in the previous month, but hey, the date is not what matters. Some inspiration and sharing is what's important to us. Plus, we have a little fun giveaway to go with this blog post :) So here they are - a few, but meaningful ones:


I ordered Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard a while ago and it was sitting on the book shelf for some time, as I didn't have time to read it. Luckily, I took it with me on a flight last month and I couldn't stop highlighting all the ideas & thoughts in this book. (P.S. you can get it for free on his website, just pay for the shipping).

Just like the title says, this book is about motivation. If you're open to it, it suggests identifying your fears and doubts about who you are and what you do. By doing so, you can then deal with these struggles by applying more positive, proactive mindset.

I do believe that this book is about a good timing and for me, I picked it up exactly when I needed. It did inspire me to look at myself from a different perspective. At the time, I needed to read this passionate and powerful encouragement to find my own personal freedom, be aware of the decisions I make and what's the thought process behind my choices.

Throughout the book Burchard asks important questions and the answers you give to these questions help identify your struggles and be aware of your own actions and thoughts. There is definitely enough advice to take some positive action, if that's what you decide to do for yourself.


Here are just a few of my favourite sentences from the book:

“Let us awaken now and realise there is greater vibrancy, joy, and freedom available to each of us. There is more feeling. There is more power. There is more love and abundance. But gaining access rests on our shoulders, for only two things can change our lives: either something new comes into our lives, or something new comes from within”

'’We procrastinate on an important assignment or exciting new venture because we cannot overcome our uncertainty. We fool ourselves into thinking that things must be perfect before we release our art into the world when the clear reality is we're just too undisciplined to get things done. We lie to ourselves, break our own resolutions, allow our dreams to slide away without grasping at them”

“Aware of these things, we must have responsibility and courage to think for ourselves, to ask, Are my ambitions, attentions, affirmations, and actions truly of my own choosing? Am I being my genuine self in the world and pursuing things that deeply matter to me? Am I opening myself to change and challenges so that I can stretch and grow into my full potential?”

“Isn't it true that with enough time, effort and dedication we can learn most of what what we need to succeed? Isn't it true that most great accomplishments were achieved by people who at first had no idea what they were doing, who had to first endure years of struggle to bring their dream to fruition?”

“Did we spend today being ourselves, expressing our true voice and sincere feelings and innate power? Did we spend the vast majority of the day doing meaningful activities rather than being slave to distraction or useless endeavour?”


You have to stay hydrated throughout the day, as it has countless health benefits. That's nothing new. However, even being fully aware of this, sometimes your long to-do list can suck you in and at 6pm you realise you haven't had even a glass of water. I've been there many times.

Just like we believe that pretty and carefully designed stationery can help you feel more inspired and encourages to plan better, we believe that a beautifully designed water bottle will be a good reminder to drink more water. Simple :)

That was the case with this water bottle from 24Bottles. As it sits there on my desk (also serving as a beautiful addition to my workspace), it reminds me to have a sip of water. I really like this brand, as not only the bottles they create are visually very appealing, the company cares about sustainability and the bottles are made in one of my favourite countries - Italy.



A few weeks ago my friends gifted me this beautiful The White Company Lime & Bay candle. Since I got it, I've been using it pretty much every evening, as I really love the calming effects of candlelight. It's become like a little ritual, after I'm done with the day's work, it helps to set the mood in the house for a relaxing and calm evening. It now holds the meaning for switching off my mind and just enjoying stillness. It increases self-awareness and can easily drift you into a meditative state.



A couple of weeks ago we launched our A5 size Daily Notepads. They come in two designs and you can read all about them in our previous blog post.

The last few weeks have been pretty intense. I'm sure it's no secret that running a small business is a real challenge and you have to become the master of all trades. Which is very exciting, however, challenging at times. Because it feels like there is not enough hours in a day to complete all the to-do's, work on your skills and take care of your baby (a.k.a. your small business).

That's where the notepads come in. They have been our little helpers while doing our best to plan and organise our days. Since they come in two designs with slightly different sections, we use them both in a week, depending what kind of tasks we need to accomplish. If it's a busy day with quite a few bigger and also smaller tasks as well as errands to run, we'll go for the “Now Is The New Later” notepad, as it has more space dedicated for work related to-do's.

“Oh Hello Today” notepad is always the first choice when we know we need to focus on just a few important tasks that might take longer and also need to remind ourselves to focus on wellbeing and include tasks/activities that focuses on the health of mind, body and spirit. :)

Plus, we are 100% sure that a nice set up on your desk increases chances of feeling productive and inspired, so this little piece of stationery in our workspace is a big bonus :)



As promised above, here comes the most exciting part of the blog - GIVEAWAY! Since our most favourite of all favourites this month are the notepads (of course!), we want to share the love and gift a set to you.

We'll be giving away one notepad of each design as well as a copy of Motivation Manifesto to one lucky winner. Keep one notepad for yourself and gift the other one to your to-do list lover friend. Please complete all of the tasks below to enter the giveaway:

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* One entry per person. Open worldwide. The giveaway ends on March 19th. Winner will be contacted directly on Insta DM.


We're so excited to hear from you! 

With Love, 


Zane & Dear Diary team