Dear Diary was born in 2016 when the three of us came together to create a system that would help us become the best version of ourselves. We all felt overwhelmed, stuck in the repetition of the daily agenda and not really sure about the journey ahead. It was clear that we were not living the life we imagined for ourselves.

We started to explore different topics on self-development, well-being, happiness and productivity. During this process we learnt that goal-setting, tracking habits and reflection play an essential part in adding balance and focus to your life. We wanted a tool that would help organise work and personal life, while also focusing on personal growth and inspiration.

It all came together and we designed Dear Diary. That is where it all started. A warm welcome and support from our Dear Diary friends encouraged us to continue creating. Our goal is to inspire you to believe in yourself, take consistent action and chase your dreams by incorporating neat, carefully designed systems, positive reminders, inspiration and overall beautiful aesthetics in every piece of stationery we create. We want for every Dear Diary product to serve you as a personal cheerleader that motivates you to take little steps day by day towards the life you imagine for yourself. 

We truly believe that knowing you’re becoming the person you’ve always envisioned being and believing in your own strength is the greatest source of inspiration. There is something very magical about reaching even your smallest goal and noticing your progress. You can’t help but feel inspired when your own choices and actions start to unfold the life you’ve dreamt about.